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Our chef Franz Josef Singer is convincing our guests for over 20 years with exquisite creations.

Our eco-conscious and traditional cuisine offers something for every taste. From our "classics" such as the Altmühltaler roast lamb or the Bavarian Brotzeitteller to light and vegetarian dishes.

For aperitif: Enjoy our homemade Schnaps "Wasserzeller Mondscheinlöscher".



  • Soup of the day
    3,80 €
  • Jägerbraten with bread dumplings
    in mushroom paprika sauce
    9,80 €
  • Champignonschnitzel natural fried
    with homemade egg spaetzle
    10,20 €
  • Roast pork with potato dumplings
    9,80 €
  • "Ochsen-Rösti" Sliced ox breast
    with onion, egg, marjoram and roast potatos
    9,80 €
  • "Feinschmecker-Toast" Fillet of pork, grilled, scalloped
    with pears and gorgonzola
    10,50 €
  • Breaded pork schnitzel
    with fries
    11,50 €
  • "Jura-Topf" Fillet of pork
    with homemade spaetzle and champignon sauce, scalloped with Emmentaler cheese
    13,20 €
  • Roast venison in juniper cream sauce
    with mushrooms served with homemade spaetzle and cranberry-pear
    13,80 €
  • "Römerspieß" Loin of beef and pork
    in green pepper sauce with potato and vegetables
    13,80 €
  • "Wiener Schnitzel" from the calf
    with homemade potato salad
    15,80 €

Altmühltaler Lamm

The shepards provide an indispensible service in the Altmühltal nature Park: they graze, care and preserve with their herds the landscape-typical grasslands and juniper heaths. In this way, they naturally secure the habitat of many endangered animal and plant species. With the "Altmühltaler Lamm" they also produce a product which convices with top ecological quality, regional origin, health awareness and active support of the local landscape.

The Altmühltaler lamb builds a bridge between the high demands of nutrition-conscious consumers, quality-oriented restaurateurs and the goals of nature conservation. For the "Altmühltaler lamb" strict quality and production criteria apply. For example, the shepherds have to keep their hats and wanderings on nutrient-poor grasslands and participate in the "Quality from Bavaria" program.

Anyone who chooses the Altmühltaler lamb specialties at the restaurant or at the butcher will help preserve the landscape.

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